ASPECT Studios provides the best in creative design for landscape architecture, urban design, and high-end interactive digital media.

With seven studios located within Australia and China, and over 65 people, ASPECT Studios is an Australian owned business with an industry leading track record of award winning projects.

ASPECT Studios has a proven excellence in managing complex jobs and delivering high-quality built work.

Sustainability is central to our practice. We strive to realise the best possible outcomes and innovations in sustainability and life cycle.

Our ambition is to outperform both client and community expectations. We work across the local, regional and international markets and our clients include all levels of government and the private sector.


ASPECT Studios is leading the way in the emerging area of "Living Architecture" in Australia.

Put simply, Living Architecture is the integration of plants and water with built form. It includes green roofs, green facades, and green walls. Living Architecture has risen in popularity in both Europe and North America, and is now being recognised in Australia as a critical concept in responding to climate change and the increased demand of water and energy in our cities.

ASPECT Studios is at the forefront of this movement in Australia. Our command of the technical requirements and systems suited to Australia, combined with our design expertise is helping to lead the integration of greening and architecture.

ASPECT Studios' vision is of a city where natural processes are integrated into the very fabric of the urban environment - where plants, water, soil and built form are as one - and together these elements promote a healthy community and resilient environment – a Living Architecture!

Key benefits of Living Architecture include:

  • Contribution to human wellbeing through the provision of green space
  • Improvement in the thermal performance of buildings
  • Regulation of the urban heat island effect on the wider city
  • Regulation of storm water impacts on both buildings and the surrounding environment
  • Integration of water recycling and reduced usage in buildings
  • Contribution to biodiversity values in cities
  • Clear statements of commitment to sustainable design
  • Increased property values and improved amenity
  • Achieving environmental ‘stretch targets’ such as ‘net zero water, energy, waste

ASPECT Studios understands that the key to a successful implementation and widespread up take of Living Architecture is brought about through the collaboration of a diverse group of professionals, from landscape architects, engineers, policy makers, architects, ecologists, and soil scientist and horticulturists.

We see Citiniche as a unique opportunity to encourage the widespread uptake of living architecture in green our cities and making the places we live more sustainable.


ASPECT Studios seeks throughout its practice to deliver sustainable and resilient designs for projects that improve the health and well-being of the community and the environment.

This can be achieved through improved planning and design, product selection and use of "Green Infrastructure" systems.

We define Green Infrastructure as the natural systems that underpin and are integrated with our urban fabric. Green Infrastructure , along with Living Architecture, Integrated Water Cycle Management, and Water Sensitive Urban Design form an interrelated web of benefits that respond to the pressures of urbanisation and climate change.