Creo Libera’s team has over 20 years of building experience most in building and construction that includes extensive business, financial and property expertise in the area of project development, management, analysis and cost controls. Together, our team works closely with all parties of a project, seamlessly coordinating a development including obtaining permits, liaising with town planner, surveyors, engineers and architects.


Creo Libera believe that the new landscape of social media offers exciting opportunities for communities to truly shape the way they wish to live. New modes of social networking have the capacity to bring together like-minded people searching for alternative models of housing and their delivery; an architecture that is designed to meet the needs of the individual and their community.

Creo Libera have a particular interest in community focused projects that are driven by the desire to challenge existing assumptions about contemporary patterns of living and to explore new opportunities for shared private and public space.

We are genuinely excited by the opportunity to be involved in a design process wherein projects are tailor made, driven by a shared vision and aspiration rather than generic development models.


Creo Libera has extensive experience in delivering bespoke residential projects across a range of scales. Creo Libera work in public place making, developed through several high profile master planning/urban design commissions, feeds directly into a residential design approach that is always mindful of the manner in which shared community spaces might enhance the private experience.

We believe that place-making is critical in shaping new communities, especially those built around common or shared interests.