Fourth generation builders, Michael and George Argyrou founded Hickory in 1991. Since then, the business has steadily evolved from a family owned company to one of Australia’s preeminent construction groups.

Hickory blends the best of Lean Construction methodologies with Hickory’s proactive, innovative culture to deliver projects on time and budget. Using the resources and expertise of our own formwork, infrastructure, crane logistics and plant hire companies makes our projects run that much smoother.

As a result, we’ve become one of the largest multi-unit builders in Australia and a leading force in the commercial, residential, retail and infrastructure sectors.

Our business may be construction, but our mission is to create opportunities and developments that serve and enhance our community.


The Hickory Group shares the vision that connecting people who have common values and housing preferences will result in innovation that will better serve the needs of individuals who embrace the CITINICHE concept. We believe Citiniche will encourage new types of accommodation by confirming the demand for previously neglected niche groups who are currently below the radar of the traditional development industry.

Citiniche will help create bespoke developments that foster new communities. We believe its focus on residents will result in housing that caters more specifically for their needs and a better quality of life. This people focused development concept will play a key part in the way social demand and consumer networks will drive housing and Hickory is eager to be a major player in this evolution.


The Hickory Group has an exemplary track record in the development of a diverse range of apartment typologies that have been delivered in collaboration with some of the most acclaimed architects in Australia.

Using Hickory’s patented Unitised Building System, we can deliver a more cost effective, time efficient and environmentally sustainable alternative to traditional accommodation construction. This system was designed for environmentally and socially conscious people who support more responsible developments in their communities.