Jackson Clements Burrows Architects (JCB) are a design focused studio based in Melbourne Australia and we are committed to the delivery of exceptional architecture, interior and urban design. JCB was established in 1998 by Tim Jackson, Jon Clements and Graham Burrows to form a collaborative studio with a shared commitment to the exploration of innovative, sustainable architecture.

Our studio is encouraged to adapt and innovate through the consideration of people’s requirements, ensuring that every project is unique to its own circumstances. Our design concepts are never pre-conceived, ensuring that the practice makes site sensitive architecture.

JCB’s projects have been widely recognised through extensive coverage in leading Australian and International design journals and publications. Our work has also been acknowledged through the receipt of numerous Australian Institute of Architects and industry awards for an extensive portfolio of residential, commercial, institutional, interior and urban design projects.

Our completed work includes commissions throughout Australia along with international commissions in Spain, Thailand and New Zealand.


Jackson Clements Burrows and Hamton are excited to form a part of the CITINICHE network, which we believe introduces an innovative resource to both the community and those involved in the design and development of new housing.

The notion that individuals with common ideals could facilitate the procurement of new housing typologies from a community fostered online was immediately appealing to our organization. We can see the opportunities CITINICHE will provide to empower the community and future home owners, by influencing the design and development of housing typologies that remain undiscovered.


Evaluating the needs of our clients and developing an understanding of their lifestyle requirements forms an integral part of our practice ideology. This presents a challenge when practicing within a conventional development framework, as the future owner is often uninvolved at an early stage. Through our partnership with CITINICHE, we aim to utilise the feedback provided by user groups, to identify and develop intelligent housing solutions through an exchange of information and ideas.

The prospect of interacting with new communities to develop housing solutions that address their specific needs presents a unique opportunity. We see this as a positive way in which we can engage and interact with a new client base to improve the design process and the final built outcome.