Small Giants was founded in 2007 to create, support, nurture and empower businesses that are shifting us to a more socially equitable and environmentally sustainable world. Some people call this type of business social enterprise. We just think it makes sense. Small Giants acts as a catalyst for change, using business as a meaningful tool to create the world we want to live in.

In terms of the built environment, we set out to create spaces that are inspiring for people to live and work in - from our own office building in St Kilda to our mixed use development in Seddon that was completed in 2012.

Small Giants also proudly brought The Commons in Brunswick to the market at the end of 2011. The Commons will be a mixed-use development of 24 apartments, 3 artist studios and a café to be run by the legendary crew from Dead Man Espresso. A new community has been borne among the purchasers of The Commons, and this community will only grow once the many shared facilities are commissioned at the Commons.


We are looking to CitiNiche to help in building the communities that will hopefully find a place within our developments. For Small Giants, residential development does not need to be white walls and downlights – it can be something more organic, more innovative – and we are looking to the community to drive that direction.

We are excited about being involved in CitiNiche and opening up the design development stage of our projects to the desires and needs of the community.


Small Giants sets out to pioneer sustainability and innovation in the medium density property space. We do not take “no” for an answer, and we love challenging the status quo.

We have experience in working with diverse and emerging communities, and balancing the needs of the individual with the realities of a group decision making process.

The team at Small Giants looks forward to collaborating and building together!