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The renaissance (wo)Man: Katie O'Brien at TEDxSouthBankWomen

JANUARY 23, 2014

Katie O'Brien is committed to delivering innovative and modern interior design. Her talk, the renaissance (wo)Man challenges the current perspectives on interior design and how we live in our world can be impacted by meaningful design.

Citiniche – a crowdsourcing model for residential property development

APRIL 13, 2013

Crowd funding is a relatively recent phenomenon that has the potential to change the way people raise capital. With the arrival of social media and connected online networks it has become much easier for online marketplaces to start to match people who need capital with those that have capital to invest.

Standing out in a crowd

APRIL 12, 2013

In Colombia, it's financing a 66-storey apartment tower that developers declare will be the "first skyscraper built by . . . common people". And in Melbourne, it could provide specially designed dwellings for groups of like-minded owners, such as pet lovers, elderly gays and lesbians, and weekend rockstars.

New online development platform

APRIL 5, 2013

It is the oft-repeated conundrum of multi-residential architecture – designing something as personal as a home for unknown clients. Citiniche, a new online property development platform recently launched by a team of Melbourne-based practitioners from the architecture, planning, digital technology and branding industries, aims to overcome this challenge by offering a new way to connect developers to these normally faceless clients.

A Match Made in CitiNiche

APRIL 4, 2013

'Who knows better what a residential development needs than its residents?'

This question underpins a new venture, CitiNiche, which aims to match people who share common interests and preferences firstly with each other, and also with a design team, to provide them more bespoke housing tailored to their needs.

Ivan Rijavec in crowd sourcing resi offer to urban greys, gay greys, uber greens and more

FEBRUARY 26, 2013

Melbourne architect Ivan Rijavec, a co-artistic director of the Now and When exhibition for the Venice Biennale has come up with a new concept to crowd source niche residential projects, from “urban grey” to “gay grey” and any number of demographic sectors in between.


To assist when writing articles we have put together a media kit which contains a variety of details about the housing market in Australia and additional details about the CitiNiche enterprise, founders and contact details.

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If you would like to include imagery in your article on CitiNiche we have include some high resolution images from our partners in a Zip file below and we have put together the CitiNiche brand in a variety of formats.

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